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Published on 15 January 2016

Who’s the author? Alison Velázquez, a wellness professional and the owner of Soupology, a unique cleansing program focusing on healthy soups as its cornerstone.

What’s it about? Souping is the new juicing! This book is filled with recipes for soups that are not only delicious but healthy too. Souping offers step-by-step instructions for making and storing savoury, sweet, filling, energizing and even calming soups, which can be enjoyed at home as well as when you're on the go.

The book also offers nutritional breakdowns and explanations of the health benefits of key ingredients in the soups.

Good book for: Anyone who loves soup or is looking to eat a bit more healthily. Souping offers time and goal-based plans, ranging from one to seven days day-by-day menus.

You’ll like it if: You've overdone it recently and are looking to cleanse to lose weight, detoxify your body and revitalise your health.