Self-Care for the Real World

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Cover of Self-Care for the Real World
Published on 28 December 2017

Who are the authors? Wellness gurus Nadia Narain and Katia Narain Phillips have dedicated their lives to helping others feel their best. While Nadia is a yoga teacher helping her students to eliminate stress, Katia is the founder of healthy eating mecca, Nectar Cafe.

What's it about? Helping readers to understand the importance of making time for number one in the midst of busy life and to feel no shame in putting themselves first, Self-Care for the Real World is an essential guide to everything from relationships to exercise with practical and realistic advice throughout. As food plays such a crucial role in wellbeing, there are plenty of creative recipes to nourish and inspire too.

Recipes we love: Beetroot Chocolate Cake and Vegetable Korma.

Perfect for: Anyone can benefit from Nadia and Katia's helpful expertise on finding time for self-care in the busy modern lives we lead. It's also perfect for anyone with an interest in lighter and nutrition-packed recipes.