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Second Helpings

Written by

Sue Quinn


11 January 2024

Who’s the author? Sue Quinn is an award-winning food writer, author, and journalist, with articles and recipes appearing in the Telegraph, Sunday Times, Guardian, Waitrose magazine and more. She has written more than a dozen cookbooks on a range of topics, and was awarded the the Fortnum & Mason Online Food Writer Award in 2016 and Guild of Food Writer’s British Food Award in 2018.

What’s it about? With Second Helpings, Sue offers 100 delicious, innovative ways to use up leftovers, demonstrating that it’s possible to cook up a feast while saving money and minimising food waste.

This book is packed with ingenious ways to use up the food you find in the back of the fridge, half-empty packets in the store cupboard and past-their-best fruit and veg. The 100 recipes showcase the most commonly wasted foods, from bread, milk, and cheese to potatoes, bananas, apples, and salad leaves. You’ll also find plenty of inspiration for using leftovers from previous meals – whether they’re home-cooked dishes or unfinished takeaways – showing that leftovers can inspire exciting dishes that taste just as good – if not better – than the first meal.

Find chapters covering Small Plates, Light Meals, Main Meals, Sweet Things, and Bits & Bobs, as well as an opening list of staple “Master Recipes” like pasta bakes, risottos, soups, and salads, making this a book you can turn to for almost anything.

Recipes we love: Bread Tart with Greens, Pine Nuts and Raisins, Salad Leaf Pesto with Broccoli, Mint and Pistachios, Lemony Yoghurt Pasta with Chicken and Za’atar, and Sticky Ginger Cake,

Perfect for: Fans of Sue’s previous books, as well as budget-conscious home cooks who want to reduce waste, spend less, and help save the planet.


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