Real Ale: Recipes, History, Snippets

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Cover of Real Ale: Recipes, History, Snippets
Published on 05 February 2009

This delightful book tells you everything you ever wanted to know about real ale - from its first recorded brewing by the Sumerians 5,000 years ago through its spread to Europe via the cultivation of grains to its establishment as a British favourite. Did you know beer was buried with the Pharaohs in Egypt and used as an offering to the gods? Or that in Norse mythology, a warrior who died in battle would go to Valhalla and be entitled to drink as much beer as he wanted? Real Ale unearths all these unknown snippets and is packed with trivia that will inform and entertain.

From the origins and history of brews like Bitter, originated in Burton-on-Trent due to the particular style of the water supply, and Black Beer created as a prophylactic against scurvy, this tantalising book includes accessible recipes for brewing and cooking classic beer dishes like Beef and Guinness stew and Welsh rarebit. With delicious recipes alongside little known facts, Real Ale will appeal to everyone from the avid foodie to anyone who simply savours a good pint.