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One Pot, One Portion

Written by

Eleanor Wilkinson


11 July 2024

One Pot One Portion

Who’s the author? Eleanor Wilkinson is a content creator and recipe developer from East Yorkshire. Her love of food and cooking inspired her to start her social media accounts; soon her One Pot One Portion series was getting millions of views on TikTok and amassed some 600,000 followers on Instagram. Eleanor has since set up the website Good Food Mood, which celebrates the power of food and creating memories with loved ones.

What’s it about? In a culinary landscape that often appears to cater solely for couples, families or larger groups, the One Pot, One Portion concept has struck a chord with people from all walks for life, from singles and single-parents to people with different dietary requirements and busy working schedules, to students cooking for themselves for the first time.

With her debut cookbook, Eleanor shows that cooking for yourself is the ultimate act of self-care, providing recipes for people who love food but don’t want to choose between eating leftovers for days or buying expensive ready meals and takeaways. What’s more, one-pot cooking makes cooking for yourself even easier, saving you time and effort and without leaving a sink full of washing up. And there are further wins: the recipes all give potential variations and useful ingredient swaps and substitutions, so that you can reduce food waste and make your ingredients – and your money – go further.

Perfect for: Fans of The Roasting Tin, Good Food: Meals for One and Jamie Oliver’s One, as well as anyone who – for whatever reason – finds themselves cooking for one.


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