My Simple Italian

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Published on 02 April 2015
My Simple Italian
100 foolproof recipes for classic Italian dishes
Simple, fresh ideas for midweek dinners
Comforting recipes for traditional home cooking

Who’s the author? Specialised in Italian cuisine, Theo Randall is currently head chef at Theo Randall at the Intercontinental Hotel London Park Lane, although he is perhaps best known for being awarded a Michelin star at The River Café in London.

What’s it about? Theo's favourite Italian dishes that he enjoys cooking at home when he's not working in his restaurant. Theo focuses on what he loves best - a few top quality ingredients making perfectly balanced flavour combination - and offers over 100 recipes with simple methods that work in a home kitchen.

Recipes we love: Lamb Rump with Salsa Verde, Tagliatelle with Pesto and Courgettes and Deep-Fried Courgette Flowers with Ricotta and Herbs.

Good book for: Anyone wanting to cook simple, delicious Italian food at home with a hint of the elegance of fine dining, ideal for easy entertaining.

You’ll like it if: You're a fan of Italian food but are looking to cook something a bit different from the usual Spaghetti Bolognese. 

For Theo, food is a pleasure to be shared with friends and family and cooking should be relaxing, enjoyable. With this in mind, Theo's recipes take from just 15 minutes to make from scratch so you can pick a dish depending on the time you have, then spend more time eating, enjoying and sharing the food you've prepared.

Chapters are split by meal times with an emphasis on simplicity, with big and small sharing plates and lots of one-pots on offer. There are speedy starters, mains and puddings but Theo shows you how to make Italian staples from scratch too. So, when you do have time and want to make your own pastry or bake your own pizza, you have the best recipes to hand.

Fresh and innovative, Theo's approach means you can relax at mealtimes while enjoying delicious food every day of the week.