Mezzogiorno: Francesco Mazzei Recipes from Southern Italy

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Cover of Mezzogiorno: Francesco Mazzei Recipes from Southern Italy

Who’s the author? Calabria-born Francesco Mazzei, one of the great Italian chefs working in Britain today, Francesco appears regularly on Saturday Kitchen, MasterChef and he hosted the MasterChef celebrity final at his restaurant L'Anima in 2014.

What’s it about? A taste of Francesco's homeland. Mezzogiorno is a wonderful collection of 80 authentic Italian recipes inspired by Francesco's childhood featuring Calabrian ingredients such as the increasingly popular spicy sausage, n'duja.

Recipes we love: Ciambotta di Verdure (Pan-Fried Vegetables Served in Bread), Zitoni alla Norma (Pasta with Aubergines and Tomatoes) and Pollo e Bucatini (Whole Roast Chicken Stuffed with Bucatini).

Good book for: Italian food enthusiasts looking for authentic, impressive and out of the ordinary recipes for both entertaining and everyday inspiration.

You’ll like it if: You like trying something new. Mezzogiorno is perfect for experimenting with new flavour combinations, ingredients and methods in the kitchen.