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The Fitness Chef: Lose Weight Without Losing Your Mind

Written by

Graeme Tomlinson

Fitness Chef Lose Weight Cover

Who’s the author? Graeme Tomlinson is the nutrition coach behind the popular Instagram account, The Fitness Chef. Graeme helps his followers stay healthy by dishing out easy-to-digest nutrition facts on the foods we eat every day.

What’s it about? Lose Weight Without Losing Your Mind is a mind-and-body reset that promises to leave readers happier and healthier. Challenging the myth that you need to suffer to lose weight, Graeme will show you how to achieve your weight loss goals while continuing to enjoy food. With the help of his famous infographics, Graeme breaks down key nutritional advice into bite-size chunks and provides readers with the tools necessary to maintain a healthy relationship with food. You’ll also find a handful of brand new recipes to keep your meals interesting and packed with flavour.

Perfect for: If you’re looking to keep those New Year’s resolutions on track, lose weight while eating well, and reset your relationship with food, this is the book for you.


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