Lorraine Kelly's Nutrition Made Easy

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Published on 01 January 2009

What are antioxidants, why do I need them and how do I get them?
Diet or exercise - which is more effective for losing weight?
How can I persuade my fussy children to eat vegetables?
What can I eat to help me sleep better?
Can certain foods really help my chances of avoiding cancer?

Lorraine Kelly teams up with leading nutritionist Anita Bean to uncover the facts about food, nutrition and health. Written in a practical Q&A style, Nutrition Made Easy answers over one hundred questions, covering everything from the absolute basics of what we should be eating, to what to feed our children and the latest research into food and disease prevention.

Topical, easy to dip into and written for people who want straight answers to their questions, this major new health title explodes the myths, cuts through the dieting industry jargon and gets straight to the facts about what we eat.