Larder Lads

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Cover of Larder Lads
Published on 02 March 2000

When boys finally cut themselves free from their mothers' apron strings, the kitchen, and indeed food shopping, can seem like a daunting new world. Larder Lads provides an up-to-date guide to utilising good, readily available food to create fantastic meals. Using easy to follow instructions, tried and thoroughly tested recipies with trendy ingredients and ideas will run alongside the good old favourite dishes. No recipe will take longer than half an hour to prepare. The opening chapters include tips on the well-stocked store cupboard, advice on all foods and basic ingredients and good hygiene. Other chapters provide a guide through the minefield of entertaining, including occasions such as 'A Lads' Night In'. How to Impress a New Girlfiend', Who Needs Mother - The Roast Lunch', You've Cracked It - The Dinner Party', giving shopping lists and top-man tips where appropriate. Recipes include Courgette and Pesto Risotto and Chilli with Spicy Corn Bread, Chicken Masala, Real American Hamburgers with Blue Cheese and Spiced Aubergine Salad, Roast Sea Bass with Asian Greens and Sticky Toffee and Banana Pudding.