In the Mood for Entertaining

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Cover of In the Mood for Entertaining
Published on 04 June 2009

Who's the author? Jo Pratt is a food stylist, writer and home economist as well as Elle magazine's in-house foodie

What's it about? If you love to entertain and share good food with your friends and family then this book is a must. It has an easy-to-follow layout, with four main chapters broken down into various different menus, offering you food for every occasion.

Recipes we love: Coconut and ricotta hotcakes with espresso syrup, Honey roast ham with pistachio crumbs, Mini tomato tatins and Spiced mussels with tomato spaghetti

Good book for: If you're an aspiring Host with the Most, then you need this cookbook. It's a must for anyone who loves to throw dinner parties or cook for a crowd.