Deja Food

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Cover of Deja Food
Published on 25 May 2017

Who's the author? Mary-Anne Boermans is a Great British Bake Off alum, who starred in the second series. Described by Mary Berry as 'A true foodie', Mary-Anne's passionate about traditional British food. She is also the author of Great British Bakes

What's it about? Deja Food is a return to the food of times past. It celebrates how we used to eat: giving time and care to less expensive cuts of meat, being thrifty where possible and using up leftovers to their fullest extent. Deja Food is frugal, but absolutely full of flavour and plenty of nostalgia too. 

Recipes we love: Bacon and Herb Pasties, Bubble and Squeak, Gammon Pie. 

Good book for: Nostalgic cooks who love to make classic British recipes at home. Plus this is an excellent cookbook for those with a keen interest in food history.