What Equipment Do I Need to Make a Christmas Pudding?

what equipment for christmas pudding

Want to take part in Stir Up Sunday this year? Here's our handy checklist for what you'll need to make your Christmas Pudding. 

  • Your chosen Christmas Pudding recipe - we're plumping for Jamie Oliver's recipe this year, from his brand new Christmas Cookbook
  • 1 pudding basin - this can be ceramic or you could use a plastic lidded pudding basin instead and avoid that fiddly string work. 
  • Greaseproof paper - you'll need this to cover the top of your pudding, whether you use a ceramic or plastic basin. 
  • Kitchen foil - you'll need to this wrap your pud up if you're steaming it in a basin without a lid (like the traditional ceramic option). 
  • String - to wrap that Christmas pudding up nice and tight.
  • Your trivet of choice. Keep your pud off the base of the saucepan with a DIY trivet. We're using a small, hardy saucer, inverted with the pudding placed on top. 
  • A deep saucepan to simmer your pudding in. If you don't have a deep saucepan, you can simmer your pudding in the oven using a deep roasting dish and filling it up with water, so it reaches halfway up the pudding basin.
  • Mulled wine to keep your kitchen as jolly as possible. Or how about a super luxurious mug of hot chocolate instead? 
  • Sparkly star decorations optional but recommended for festive cheer, of course. 

If you're taking part in Stir Up Sunday this year, make sure to join our #HappyStirUp on our twitter channel where we'll be sharing step-by-step demos for the trickier parts of Christmas Pudding cooking. Plus we'll be celebrating all things Christmas Pud and giving away THREE essential Christmas cookbooks from three cookery legends. 

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