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The best air fryer cookbooks

by Francesca Sleet

published on 1 January 2024

The popularity of air fryers has grown exponentially in recent years thanks to their ability to cook food quickly and conveniently, using less oil than other methods of cooking and less electricity than your traditional oven. Gone are the days when it was seen as merely a way to cook chips without needing a deep fat fryer; the air fryer is used for cooking everything and anything, from breakfasts to dinners and everything in between – even a Sunday roast.

So whether you’re considering getting an air fryer or already have one, the following cookbooks are packed full of easy ideas to help you get the most out of your kitchen kit.

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Bored of Lunch: The Healthy Air Fryer Book

by Nathan Anthony

A follow-up to the hit cookbook The Healthy Slow Cooker Bookcomes Bored of Lunch: The Healthy Air Fryer Book, featuring eighty brand-new recipes to help you eat well and save money with your air fryer, including starters and snacks, quick lunches, midweek dinners, fakeaways for the weekend, and even some sweet treats. You will also find a helpful oven-to-air fryer conversion chart and calorie counts on every recipe.

The Ultimate Air-Fryer Cookbook

by Clare Andrews

Packed with 80 recipes, cooking time and temperature conversion charts, and plenty of helpful tips and tricks, this cookbook really is the ultimate guide to getting the most our of your air fryer. The Ultimate Air-Fryer Cookbook has recipes for every occasion, from breakfast, lunch and dinner, to the perfect sides, sauces, and desserts; so novices and air fryer-lovers alike will find new quick and low-effort dishes to add into your weeknight menu.

Vegan Air Fryer cookbook

The Vegan Air Fryer

by Niki Webster

Whether you observe a vegan diet, or simply want to make the most of your air fryer and incorporate more plant-based options into your weekly meals, this is the cookbook for you. Developed by plant-based chef and food blogger Niki Webster, The Vegan Air Fryer is packed with 70 delicious and simple dishes that take 30 minutes or less to make, from crispy jacket potatoes to mouth-watering choc chip and pistachio cookies.

How to Make Anything in an Air Fryer

How to Make Anything in an Air Fryer

by Hayley Dean

This collection of 100 recipes, developed by the creator known as, lives up to its title. From breakfast and brunch staples to easy lunches and dinners, to comforting desserts such as brioche bread and butter pudding, How to Make Anything in an Air Fryer showcases the full breadth and versatility of what this much-loved appliance can do.

Easy Air Fryer Bakes

Easy Air Fryer Bakes

by Lucy Parissi

Proving that air fryers are good for more than just quick dinners and savoury snacks, this cookbook by Supergolden Bakes blogger Lucy Parissi is packed with air fryer recipes for indulgent cakes, cookies, bars, biscuits, desserts, breads and more.

Bored of Lunch Healthy Air Fryer: 30 Minute Meals

Bored of Lunch Healthy Air Fryer: 30 Minute Meals

by Nathan Anthony

Whether you’re looking for quick midweek dinners, healthy yet satisfying fakeaways, or an effortless brunch spread, the recipes in this new instalment of Nathan Anthony’s Bored of Lunch series take only 30 minutes to make – including prep time!

Gluten Free Air Fryer Cookbook Becky Excell

Gluten Free Air Fryer

by Becky Excell

Fort those observing a gluten-free diet, this cookbook by bestselling author and ‘Queen of Gluten Free’ Becky Excell is a must-have. Find 100 easy recipes ranging from Thin and Crispy Pizza to Iced Buns, plus options for other dietary requirements including dairy-free, lactose-free, low-FODMAP, vegetarian and vegan.

How to Make Anything in an Air Fryer: Easy Dinners!

by Hayley Dean

From 20-minute meals to weekend favourites, the 100 recipes in this cookbook by Hayley Dean will have you ready to solve the eternal problem of what to cook for dinner.

Fitwaffle's No-Bake Baking

Fitwaffle’s No-Bake Baking

by Eloise Head

While not strictly a dedicated air fryer cookbook, No-Bake Baking is all about creating deliciously indulgent sweet treats without switching the oven on, and includes some brilliant bakes specifically for making in the air fryer.


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