Tips in the art of sandwich-making

Packed with recipes and ideas for the office packed lunch, we learned some valuable lessons in the art of sandwich-making from The Little Book of Lunch!

How to pack your sandwich

You can get plastic sandwich cases now, but we always worry that these might not be quite large enough to house our sometimes hefty creations. Plus, there is something really enjoyable about the act of unwrapping your sandwich.


Classic and reliable but always feels a bit wasteful. Try not to use too much, fold it tightly and make sure it doesn’t come into contact with any sharp objects (e.g. keys) in your bag.

Greaseproof paper 

Our preferred sandwich wrapping. As with foil, try not to use too much, fold it tightly and secure with a piece of string. 

Cling film 

Unpleasant and makes for a sweaty sandwich. Avoid.

Avoiding the sog - how to pack the perfect sandwhich:

There are few things as disappointing in life as a soggy sandwich. Sometimes the worst will happen, but you can act to avoid this:

• A thin layer of butter on bread acts as a sealant.

• Blot your tomato slices, especially if very ripe, on a piece of kitchen paper to absorb, before adding to your sandwich.

• Always wash lettuce, but dry it properly before adding to your sandwich.

• Don’t be stingy with condiments, but be aware that they will absorb into the bread and soften it.

And finally – if you are really struggling to keep your sandwiches from going soggy, simply pack your fillings in a container, put two slices of bread in a brown bag, and assemble the thing at work. There is no shame in admitting defeat.

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