Miranda Gore Browne's Bake Off survivor's guide

Miranda Gore Browne was a much-loved finalist in the first series of The Great British Bake Off, delighting judges and viewers alike with her accomplished baking. She's also the author of Biscuit, her ultimate collection of biscuit recipes, and Bake Me a Cake as Fast as You Can, packed with 100 delicious, easy recipes for cakes, traybakes and cupcakes.

Miranda knows just how hard it is to navigate the treacherous waters of the Great British Bake Off final stages. Here, in a gesture of support for this year's bakers, are her top tips for surviving Mary and Paul's gruelling challenges. Over to Miranda...

‘If you can keep your ingredients safe, when those around you are having theirs stolen’. Make sure you have a spare supply of any special ingredients safely hidden away from Mel and Sue to avoid them ‘disappearing’ at a critical point!

Do not be distracted from the task in hand by Paul’s disapproving looks while you are baking.

Have fun, enjoy the moment, and remember how brilliantly you have done to get this far.

Be true to yourself – bake what you love to bake and this will shine through in the look and taste of your bakes.

Don’t forget the basics – weigh like a demon, check and double check you have put in all the ingredients, triple check oven temperatures and timings, take all necessary steps to avoid soggy bottoms and sinking middles and, in the words of the Silver Fox, “don’t let yourself down”.


Miranda Gore Browne

Miranda Gore Browne was a finalist in the hugely successful Great British Bake-Off series. She was a popular contestant throughout but it was her beautifully decorated, delicious signature biscuits that won the hearts of the audience and wowed the judges.

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