One-pot vegan pasta recipes for midweek

Cooking pasta and sauce all in one pot is a genius idea. It's ready in no time, and has the added benefits of no draining and, most importantly, no extra washing up. Pasta releases starch as it cooks, enriching your sauce and helping it all cling together in the most delicious way. One-pot pasta recipes are a midweek life-saver, particularly if you are vegetarian, vegan or just looking to cut down on your meat intake. Here, we've gathered together our absolute favourite one-pot vegan pasta recipes. Once you've tried them, they're guaranteed to feature on heavy midweek rotation in your kitchen, too.

Lazy Lasagne from One Pot Vegan

Lazy Lasagne from So Vegan: One Pot Vegan by Roxy Pope and Ben Pook

Forget faffing around with tricky layers and a hot oven, this super-quick one pot recipe takes all the hassle out of making a mouthwatering vegan lasagne.

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One Pot Vegan
80 quick and simple one-pot vegan recipes from the duo behind SO VEGAN
Fuss-free, vibrant recipes packed with flavour
Healthy plant-based recipes to help you eat more veg and be kinder to the planet
one pot summer spaghetti broad beans abel and cole how to eat brilliantly every day one pot vegan pasta recipes

Wonderful One-pot Summer Spaghetti from Abel & Cole: How to Eat Brilliantly Every Day by Abel & Cole

An easy way to celebrate summer veg, this one-pot pasta dish teams fresh broad beans with garlic, lemon and cherry tomatoes. Serve with toasted pine nuts and basil leaves.

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one pot vegan pasta recipes one pot vegan spag bol the happy pear recipes for happiness

One-Pot Vegan Spag Bol from The Happy Pear: Recipes for Happiness by The Happy Pear

Lentils, sweet cherry tomatoes, nutritional yeast and tamari add bulk and flavour to this vegan bolognese. Add the spaghetti directly to the sauce. As it cooks, it'll suck up all those delicious flavours, making for an easy dish that leaves minimal washing up. 

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