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The best Mexican cookbooks

by Lucy Hall

published on 25 April 2024

It might be the vibrant flavours or the fresh ingredients, but Mexican food has always been one of the world’s favourite cuisines. Up-and-coming chefs and veterans alike are discovering the world of Mexican cooking, exploring the traditional techniques, unique ingredients and regional variations that make the food so enchanting.

Whether you’re looking to recreate staples like guacamole and salsa verde, or are yearning to explore the intricacies of the country’s lesser-known culinary traditions, here are three of the best Mexican cookbooks to try to bring the cuisine into your kitchen.

Sobremesa Mexican cookbook


by Susana Villasuso

With her debut cookbook, Mexican-born, London-based chef and recipe developer Susana Villasuso celebrates the best of Mexican cuisine. Sobremesa brings a modern and accessible twist to authentic recipes such as Salmon Ceviche, Crispy Sweet Potato Taquitos, Potatoes with ‘Nduja, and Tuna Croquettes, using easy-to-find ingredients to help you create effortless meals for enjoying around the table with loved ones.


by Ixta Belfrage

In her first solo cookbook, Ottolenghi FLAVOUR co-author Ixta Belfrage celebrates the rich culinary heritage of Mexico while encouraging readers to embrace their creativity and experiment with flavours. The book features mouthwatering recipes for appetisers, main courses, side dishes, desserts, and drinks, including dishes like mole, tamales, ceviche, tacos, and churros.

It’s a comprehensive guide for anyone interested in exploring and mastering the art of Mexican cooking and how to blend it with other popular cuisines.

Rick Stein: The Road to Mexico

The well-loved and respected chef embraces the vibrant and bold flavours that define Mexican cooking in this book. He emphasises using fresh ingredients such as chilies, herbs, spices, and tropical fruits, and provides clear instructions and cooking tips to help readers recreate authentic flavours in their own kitchens. Stein also shares stories and anecdotes about his encounters with local chefs, market vendors, and food traditions, offering a deeper understanding of the country’s food culture.

Ottolenghi FLAVOUR

by Ixta Belfrage, Yotam Ottolenghi

Although not exclusively Mexican, FLAVOUR – the latest triumph from renowned restauranteur and chef Ottolenghi – inspires readers to embrace the world of flavours and textures that vegetables have to offer, transforming them into exciting and satisfying meals with a lot of influence from Mexican styles and spices.


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