A Beatrix Potter Picnic Menu

To celebrate Beatrix Potter's 150th Birthday, we've created the perfect picnic menu inspired by some of our favourite Potter characters. We hope Peter Rabbit and friends would be proud!

Minute Picnic Pasties

'First he ate some lettuces and some French beans; and then he ate some radishes...' – The Tale of Peter Rabbit

We're sure Peter Rabbit would love these Picnic Pasties from The Little Book of Pies. Packed with veggies, they're the perfect pie for rabbits (and humans!) to munch upon. 

Honey and Seed Flapjacks

'On the fifth day the squirrels brought a present of wild honey; it was so sweet and sticky that they licked their fingers as they put it down upon the stone. They had stolen it out of a bumble bees' nest on the tippitty top of the hill.' – The Tale of Squirrel Nutkin

These sweet and seedy flapjacks from The Happy Pear are a great picnic treat and a wonderful way for Squirrel Nutkin to use up that sweet and sticky wild honey. 

Egg, Bacon, Mushroom and Chive Cups

'May I ask you to bring up some herbs from the farm-garden to make a savoury omelette?' - The Tale of Jemima Puddle-duck

These cute egg cups from The Foodie Teen are perfectly portable for a picnic. And loaded with herbs, we think Jemima Puddle-duck would be a fan too. 

Tom Kitten's Button Biscuits

'Tom Kitten was very fat, and he had grown; several buttons burst off. His mother sewed them on again.' - The Tale of Tom Kitten

Wouldn't Tom Kitten love The Biscuiteers' delicious button biscuits? We're sure he'd gobble them up in an instant and we recommend you do the very same. 

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Soda Bread

'And how small she had grown – and how brown – and covered with PRICKLES! Why! Mrs. Tiggy-winkle was nothing but a HEDGEHOG.' - The Tale of Mrs. Tiggy-winkle

Justin Gellatly's Soda Bread from Bread, Cake, Doughnut, Pudding is a staple for any picnic. Plus with it's rustic finish, we think it looks a little like a hedgehog itself!

Mr McGregor's Garden Cake

No birthday is complete without a cake. Georgina Hayden, author of Stirring Slowly, created this Mr McGregor's Garden Cake especially for Beatrix Potter's 150th birthday. As it's a Carrot and Parsnip Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting inspired by Beatrix's characters, we're sure she'd approve! 

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