6 Easy Apple Baking Recipes

See in Autumn with one of our 6 Easy Apple Baking Recipes. 

apple baking recipes

Apple Crumble Tart

Can't decide between crumble and pie? This recipe from The Weekend Baker is a hybrid of both! All the comforting goodness of a crumble, wrapped up in a buttery, biscuity pastry case. 

Apple and Blackberry Cobbler

Pair flavour favourites apple and blackberry together in this comfort food pud recipe from Step-By-Step Desserts. Never made a cobbler before? See exactly how it's done in our drool-worthy tutorial video above.   

Hidden Clove, Apple and Strawberry Strudel

GBBO 2016 winner, Candice Brown's recipe guides you through making this delicious German homage to apples from scratch, with enough pastry left over for you to keep two batches in the freezer for future bakes.

apple baking recipes

Hot Apple Tart with Vanilla Ice Cream 

Looking for a way to showcase apples in a dinner party dessert? Try out this recipe from Michael Caines At Home, which elevates the humble apple to something truly special. 

apple baking recipes

Apple and Custard Crumble

Why pour custard onto your crumble when you can bake it INTO the crumble instead with this recipe from Great British Bake Off: Winter Kitchen? Although we'd be lying if we said we could resist dousing the whole thing in custard too...

apple baking recipes

Spiced Dorset Apple Traybake

Simple but effective, this is one of our very favourite ways to use apples in baking. This recipe from Mary Berry Cooks the Perfect is a brilliant combination of sharp apples, warming cinnamon and sweet muscavado sugar. It's a must-bake this Autumn. 

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