Steamed Treacle Pudding

If you want a dessert that is guaranteed to put a smile on everyone's face then it has to be the well-loved Treacle Pudding. With the sticky syrup coating the soft sponge, this really is a crowd-pleaser.

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Everyone loves a treacle pud. When we first put this on the menu at York and Albany it sold like the clappers and regulars demanded it. You can vary this basic recipe as you like - for example, use marmalade instead of syrup.

Serves 6
Cook time: 2 h 15 min


3 tbsp golden syrup
180g plain flour
3 tsp baking powder
180g softened butter, plus extra for greasing the basin
3 eggs
180g demerara sugar
1 tbsp black treacle

Essential kit

You will need a 1-litre pudding basin and an upturned sauce or a ramekin.


Grease a 1-litre pudding basin with butter and add the golden syrup. Using an electric whisk, mix the flour, baking powder, butter, eggs, sugar and treacle in a separate bowl until well combined.

Pour the mixture into the basin and cover with a piece of greaseproof paper. Take a piece of foil and make a pleat down the middle, then place this over the pudding basin and tie it in place.

Place an upturned sauce or a ramekin in a large deep saucepan and sit the pudding on top. Fill the pan with boiling water to about half way up the basin. Place a lid on the pan and steam for 2 hours and 15 minutes on top of the stove. Top up with boiling water as necessary. Towards the end of the cooking time you will see that the pudding has risen up - a sign that it is ready. If you want to check, remove the foil and greaseproof and insert a skewer into the centre of the pudding - if it comes out clean, the pudding is done. If not, cook the pudding for another 15 minutes - be sure to check there is enough water in the pan.

Carefully remove the pudding from the pan. Loosen the edges by running a knife around the pudding and turn out onto a plate.

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