Pink Fir Apple and Feta Salad

For those that love the contrast of sweet and savoury, This apple, feta cheese and potato salad recipe is a colourful and flavoursome vegetarian lunch idea.

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The real star potato variety for this salad is Pink Fir Apple. A crazy nameand a very particular potato, its characteristics are dense, earthy and dry.
Pink Firs are available at posh veg shops, supermarkets and farmers’ markets during the summer and autumn. If you can’t get hold of them, use a variety of new potato instead.

Serves 4


400-500g potatoes, such as Pink Fir Apple, Charlotte or Ratte
4 large sprigs of mint
100g feta cheese, thinly sliced
5 tbsp extra virgin olive oil
a pinch of dried oregano (optional)
3 spring onions, including the green part, sliced into thin rounds


Simmer the potatoes in well-salted water with 1 sprig of mint for 20-25 minutes or until tender. (Other varieties of potato may take less time to cook as they are less dense.) Drain the potatoes and discard the mint. While the potatoes are cooling, pick the leaves off the remaining sprigs of mint and shred them finely. When the potatoes are just cool enough to handle, slice them into 8mm-thick rounds. Toss all the ingredients gently in a bowl. Have a quick taste to see if the seasoning needs adjusting. This salad can be eaten either hot or at room temperature.

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