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Cook from your farmer’s market: February’s top seasonal recipes

Whether you want to cut your food miles, support your local farmers or eat more delicious vegetables, we’ve rounded up our top recipes to help you eat the seasons this February.

Recipe Collections

Seasonal blood orange recipes

As we head towards February, we approach the peak of blood orange season when this exquisite winter fruit is at its sweetest and juiciest. We’ve put together a collection of recipes showcasing the most delicious ways to use blood oranges in your cooking, from elegant salads to tarts and cakes, making the most of its bold citrus flavour and stunning colour.


How to Throw a Dinner Party, NOPI-style

Cooking for guests is all about confidence, and even the most self-assured home cook can feel overcome by nerves at the prospect of turning out three (or more!) perfect courses in an evening. Never fear, dinner party hosts! Ramael Scully is here with wise words to soothe and instruct. Read on, for the secrets to dinner party hosting, NOPI style…


Ottolenghi’s NOPI Cookbook: 6 Ingredients You Need in Your Store Cupboard

Yotam Ottolenghi is famous for introducing a host of ingredients to British home cooks: pomegranate molasses; freekeh and za’atar to name a few. His new NOPI cookbook is no different, with Ramael Scully’s far Eastern heritage promising to fill our kitchen cupboards with even more exotic delicacies.


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