Nigella Lawson's Boxing Day Menu

Make something extra tasty with your Christmas leftovers this year with this fabulous Boxing Day menu from Nigella Lawson. Goodbye plain old turkey sandwiches, hello tasty turkey hash!

Main: Ed's Victorious Turkey Hash from Nigella Christmas: Food, Family, Friends, Festivities

This turkey hash recipe, given to me by my friend and agent, Ed Victor, and in charmingly bossy letter form, has been a recurring feature in my books. Why drop it now of all times? Not least, of course, because it is a real winner.

Nigella Christmas: Food, Family, Friends, Festivities
Fuss-free festive entertaining ideas
No-nonsense recipes for all the classics
Nigella's favourite festive treats

Side: Christmas Salad from Nigella Christmas: Food, Family, Friends, Festivities

This is the salad I bring out time and time again at Christmastime, either to bring a little joy and colour to a quickly gathered together tableful of leftovers, as a side dish when the food really needs no more than a light accompaniment, or even as a starter, so people have something to pick at as I do a little last minute this-or-that.

Dessert: Cappuccino Pavlova from Nigellissima: Instant Italian Inspiration

I am inordinately proud of this, and am not ashamed to say so. I have long been a pava-holic but this is my first venture into a fruit-free (though far from fruitless) version. The instant espresso powder (do not use instant coffee granules) gives bitter oomph to the sweet, marshmallowy meringue.

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Nigella Lawson

Nigella Lawson is the author of bestselling books such as How to Eat, At My Table, Cook, Eat, Repeat and more. Her books, together with her many successful TV series, have made her a household name around the world.

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