How To Use a Pasta Machine

Make the most of your kitchen kit with these invaluable instructions on using a pasta machine from the MasterChef Prepare Ahead cookbook. With handy illustrated step-by-step instructions, you'll soon be rolling out trattoria-worthy pasta.


  1. Flatten the dough into a circle and pass through the machine
  2. Fold the dough into thirds, flatten, and pass the dough again
  3. Continue to pass, while reducing the thickness setting
  4. Create a loop to save time

1. Flatten the pasta dough into a circle and pass through the pasta machine on the thickest setting 3 times. This will make the dough spread out to fill the full width of the machine.

2. Fold the pasta dough into thirds, then flatten it , and pass through the machine again. Repeat this process 6 times (lightly dusting the dough with flour once or twice to prevent it sticking).

3. Continue to roll the pasta through the machine, decreasing the thickness setting each time. Turn the handle with
one hand and support tdough with the other, as it gradually becomes thinner.

4. To save time, press the edges of the pasta sheet together to create a loop. This will avoid the need to keep removing the dough from the machine and feeding it back in.


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