How to Make the Most Out of Your Roast

Want to make more out of your big roast dinners? Learn how to make the very most of your leftovers with this one-meal wonder guide taken from essential kitchen companion, My Zero-waste Kitchen

One-meal wonder

Find out just how far one meal can go with these awesome ideas for making the most of your roast.

how to make the most of your roast

Sunday: The Big Dinner

You’ve cooked a roast chicken dinner but what can you do with the leftover meat, potatoes,
and accompanying vegetables? And how long will they keep before they spoil? Cooked meat
keeps for around 3 to 4 days and vegetables for up to 5 days if refrigerated. Store both in airtight containers in the fridge.

Monday Lunch: Vegetable Fritters 

Use up any leftover cooked veg by shredding them into a bowl with a little grated cheese.
Season and mix well. Stir in an egg and combine. Fry offffff spoonfuls of the mix in olive
oil, over a medium heat, for a couple of minutes on each side or until crisp.

how to make the most of your roast

Monday Dinner: Roast Chicken Stir-fry

Add leftover roasted chicken to your stir-fry mix. Make sure it is thoroughly heated through before serving.

how to make the most of your roast dinner

Tuesday Lunch: Salad with Potato Croutons

Give texture to your salad by adding roast potato croutons. Simply take the potatoes out
of the fridge and allow them to come back to room temperature – or refry for extra crunch. Then crumble them over your salad.

how to make the most of your roast

Tuesday Dinnner: Chicken Tacos

Shred your leftover chicken and fry it in a little oil along with taco spices and seasoning of
your choice. Warm tortillas in a pan and spoon in your spicy chicken. Add toppings, such as cheese, sour cream, beans, salsa, and lettuce.

Wednesday Lunch: Bubble & Squeak

Mix all your veg in a bowl (chop up any large chunks of potato) and season. Heat some
butter or oil in a pan and fry the mix over a medium heat for around 10 minutes, turning
frequently, until crisp and browned throughout. Serve with scrambled egg and grilled tomato.

Wednesday Dinner: Chicken, Veg & Pasta Bake

Stir bite-size chunks of leftover roast chicken into your mix for a vegetable and pasta bake before putting it in the oven.

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