6 Drool-worthy Nutella Recipes

We need very little persuasion to dig out our jar of Nutella from the cupboard. And impossible though it may seem, we've got 6 recipes for you that are even more delicious that simply eating the stuff with a spoon straight from the jar. Although they do require just a jot more patience... 

5 best nutella recipes

Nutella Cookies from Primrose Bakery Everyday by Martha Swift

This recipe sandwiches a dollop of your favourite chocolate spread between two rich, soft chocolate cookies. The whole thing is baked until the cookies are crisp on the outside but still oozing with Nutella on the inside. They're thoroughly addictive, so beware of baking a batch!

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Nutella Cupcakes from The Primrose Bakery Book by Martha Swift & Lisa Thomas

What could be better than a rich chocolate-hazelnut sponge topped with fluffy milk chocolate and Nutella frosting? Well, putting an entire Ferrero Rocher on top couldn't hurt . . . 

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5 best nutella recipes

Mashed Potato Cake from Chocolate Cake & Curses by Choccywoccydoodah

This outrageous recipe from Choccywoccydoodah tastes as gloriously chocolatey as it looks - plus it's gluten free! Nutella is added as a decadent extra in this recipe, slathered over the dense chocolate cake after baking. 

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5 best nutella recipes

Banana and Nutella Crumble Tartlets from Cupcakes and Mini Cakes by DK Publishing

A Nutella recipe sophisticated enough to serve at a dinner party? Yes please! These smart Banana and Nutella Crumble Tartlets are the perfect way to work Nutella into even the most refined affair. 

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5 best nutella recipes

Nutella Hot Chocolate from The Cornershop Cookbook by Caroline Craig & Sophie Missing

Rich, melted Nutella. Creamy, warm milk. A sprinkling of chilli flakes or salt. We're in Nutella heaven with this simple hot chocolate recipe! 

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5 best nutella recipes

Chocolate and Hazelnut Spread from The Little Book of Chocolat by Joanne Harris & Fran Warde

Ok, ok, so this recipe isn't strictly Nutella. It's something a little different and maybe even a little better - your own homemade Chocolate and Hazelnut Spread. This spread will wow everyone you serve it to, if you can bear to share.

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