3 Fabulous Cocktails to Impress Your Foodie Valentine

If you're looking to go the extra mile to impress your Valentine this year, look no further than these three stunning cocktail recipes from Drinks, the book written by expert alchemist and award-winning barman Tony Conigliaro. But will it be The Rose, The Wink or Death in Venice for your date this year?

The Rose

The concept for The Rose was simple: I wanted to recreate the experience of sipping a glass of champagne while walking through an English summer garden. As this cocktail is drunk, an incredible sensory loop develops: aroma follows taste, follows aroma, follows taste, becoming fuller and richer with each sip.

The Wink

One of the most alluring aspects of the drinking experience is that a bar is an accepted environment in which to indulge in cheeky repartee. The interaction between customer and bartender is extremely important and it inspired this coyly named drink.

Death in Venice

A cocktail that carefully pivots on a complex interplay between Campari, with its heavily bitter orange flavour, zesty dry grapefruit bitters and Prosecco. A small orange twist completes the layering of multidimensional touches that harmonise bitterness, dryness and citrus for a fresh and lively finish. Served in a champane flute, this drink packs in far more flavour that just an ordinary Spritz.

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