Top 5 Baking Books for Mother's Day

Does your mum like nothing more than to hide out in her kitchen, turning out spectacular cakes and bakes for her family and friends? Is she most often to be found wearing a flour-streaked apron? Does she know her choux from her shortcrust? Then this collection of books is for her. Here are five baking books that no serious baker's cookbook shelf should be without.

Mary Berry's Baking Bible

Mary Berry is the undisputed queen of cakes, and this is her definitive collection of baking recipes. No baker's cookbook collection is complete without this book. There are over 250 recipes to please every possible palate and to suit every conceivable occasion. Mary's signature understated, reassuring voice runs throughout the book, making even the most challenging bakes feel achievable.

Primrose Bakery Celebrations

Martha Swift and Lisa Thomas' Primrose Bakery has been delighting Londoners with its romantic, decadent cakes and bakes for nine years. This is the second Primrose Bakery book and it is packed with recipe inspiration for every kind of special occasion. From children's parties, to baby showers and Christmas gatherings, the book's themed sections give a range of ideas to suit every level of budget and skill, all with Lisa and Martha's trademark wit and imagination.

Pastry by Richard Bertinet

Pastry-making can appear daunting. It has a reputation for being difficult - any Great British Bake Off fan only has to hear the words 'soggy bottom' to know why. French patissier and cookery teacher Richard Bertinet believes that, with the right instruction, even the least experienced of bakers can enjoy this aspect of baking, and turn out sucessful pastry dishes of all kinds. In his book - Pastry - he shares simple sweet and savoury recipes - as well as the all-important techniques to make pastry work a pleasure.

British Baking by Oliver Peyton

This unabashedly nostalgic collection of British recipes is a baker's delight. All manner of retro treats, from Fig Rolls and Jammie Dodgers, to Treacle Tart and Chocolate Marble Cake, are given a modern update by renowned restaurateur and baker, Oliver Peyton.

And finally...

Nigella Lawson's How To Be A Domestic Goddess

Nigella Lawson's modern baking bible has inspired an entire generation of domestic goddesses (and gods) since its publication in 2003. Now, along with all Nigella's other bestselling cookery books, it has been re-published with a striking new cover design.


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