The best of your Bridget Jones #dinnerdisasters

As soon as we heard about the return of Bridget Jones, we couldn't help thinking of the famous marmalade and blue soup dinner party from the first Bridget book. It felt like a great opportunity to celebrate the disaster cook in us all - even the most accomplished chef has a tale of kitchen calamity. You sent us your Twitter #dinnerdisasters stories in huge numbers and we promised a signed copy of Mad About The Boy to our favourite.

It was hard to choose a winner, as so many of your tales of disaster made us chuckle. Here are ten of our favourites, starting with the winning entry:

@liveotherwise my worst one is probably the time I grated my hand into the bolognese #dinnerdisasters #accidentalcannibals

@GlynisCharltonA second date, with a man who tried to cook beef curry from scratch in a standard m/wave. The End.

@neilmorrison I pushed down a curry base in the blender with a wooden spoon. Pretended the shards were cassia bark..

@tarabluesky I beat @neilmorrison's #DinnerDisaster HANDS DOWN. Didn't see bladeguard on blender. Served delish risotto w mini shards of white plastic :(

@HTelfer1 Serving up pasta bake on skiing holiday where I'd mistaken soap flakes for grated cheese #DinnerDisasters

@ryan_johns I baked a lovely Victoria Jam Spongecake only to find I put Cranberry sauce inside it and not jam at all!

@ProfDonTillman the Pigs Trotter Disaster. Nose to tail meal requiring full day prep for first date at my flat. Vegetarian!

@parbon1 #DinnerDisasters merengues made with salt instead of sugar! Unpalatable.

@Miamoos_mummy my famous pepper stew. i didn't know the longer you stew a stew the better the flavour so i added pepper, then more pepper...

@LondonBirdLucy Blowing everyones heads off. Adding 4 table spoons of curry powder rather then 4 tea spoons. #BridgetJones

All these tweets made us giggle a lot. We'd love to hear more of your #dinnerdisasters - keep tweeting us @thehappyfoodie

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