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Lockdown recipes and resources

by Jessica Lockyer-Palmer

published on 20 March 2020

In these unprecedented times, food has understandably become a source of worry for many, as we face changes to the way we shop, cook and eat. That's where we want to help. Here you'll find an ever-evolving one stop shop of all of the content on our site that may be of use to you as you navigate cooking from your cupboards, struggle to source the ingredients you usually rely on, or simply look to cookery as a way to pass the time and bring you some joy. If there are particular ingredients you would like inspiration for or any other resources you would find useful, drop us a line on Facebook or Instagram and keep an eye on this page for updates.

Store Cupboard Recipes | Rice, Beans, Lentils, Pasta

Recipes and inspiration for key store cupboard ingredients:

How to cook from your store cupboard.

Pantry staples to add flavour to your store cupboard cooking.

What to cook with beans.

What to cook with rice.

What to cook with lentils, plus our favourite dal recipes.

What to cook with noodles.

What to cook with grains.

What to cook with chickpeas.

What to cook with pasta.

Where to shop online if you're struggling to pick up store cupboard ingredients.

The best delivery boxes from farmers, producers and suppliers.

A simple recipe for making your own pasta if you are unable to track any down plus, how to work with fresh pasta doughhow to use a pasta machine and some more how to advice with some simple recipes for getting the most out of your fresh homemade pasta.

A step-by-step guide to making gnocchi, with a selection of different recipes. 

How to build a roasting tin meal with whatever you've got in your cupboards.

One shopping basket, five roasting tin dinners.

Store Cupboard Essentials | Batch Cooking and Freezing

Freezing and batch cooking tips:

Chris' Bavin's top tips for batch cooking and getting the most out of your freezer.

Recipes for batch-cooking and freezing.

Store Cupboard Recipes | Bread Making, Easy Bakes

Recipes for home baking and bread making:

Three-ingredient bakes.

Easy loaf cake recipes.

Our most popular easy bakes.

8 of our favourite bread recipes.

A simple recipe for making your own bread, plus how to knead bread.

Bread recipes using alternative flours, for when you can't get hold of plain flour.

Store Cupboard Recipes | Recipes for Kids

Recipes, projects and techniques to learn to help pass the time:

10 rainy day recipes to make with the kids.

9 cooking projects to help pass the time. 

Learn how to:

Joint a chicken.

Cook and prepare Dover sole.

Cook the perfect steak.

Master Japanese knife skills.

Make the perfect porridge for your work from home breakfast.

Make perfect meringues.

Master the perfect caramel sauce.

Make a showstopping striped cake.

Make the perfect brownies.

Make your own kimchi.

Make your own jams, preserves, and chutneys.

Store cupboard Ingredients | Carbonara

Recipes to bring you comfort:

Ultimate comfort food recipes.

Vegan comfort food recipes.

Recipes for home working:

What to eat when you're working from home.


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